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Techpreneur Mentorship

By professionals and entrepreneurs.

Learn from Tech experts, IT engineers, and experienced cybersecurity business professionals


Training and education focused on real world skills in demand. Learn the skills to become expert in emerging technologies before becoming mainstream.

Title: Cybersecurity Careers Workshop
Category: Cybersecurity
Duration: 1hr 30 min - 2 hr
Description: Your chance to EXPLORE,
PLAN, and EXECUTE steps to a successful tech career.

Explore the many jobs opportunities in the information Technology Career field.

Plan your course of action, and path toward a successful IT career.

Execute your plan, and reach milestones to obtain qualifications for the entry-level tech job of your choice.

Title: Wireless Security Hacking Series
Category: Cybersecurity
Duration: 4 hr - 5 hr
Description: LEARN, SCAN, and SECURE your wireless networks.

Learn to spot the wireless security vulnerabilities exploited by malicious hackers and cyber criminals.

Scan your wireless network for unauthorized devices and security vulnerabilities.

Secure your wireless network with a multi-layered defense against cyber-attacks.

Title: PC & Mobile Security Workshop
Category: Cybersecurity
Duration: 2hr - 4hr
Description: LEARN, SCAN, and SECURE your Android, Apple IOS, device, or PC.

Learn to spot the security vulnerabilities exploited by malicious hackers, and cyber criminals.

Scan your device for viruses, malware, software security bugs, spyware, adware, keyloggers, and RAT's.

Secure your device with an multi-layered security defense, to shield you from future cyber attacks.

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